Video from Summer 2022 EarSay Youth Program

EarSay Youth Arts in Education Programs started in collaboration with the Crossing the BLVD book, radio, exhibition project and has continued since September 11, 2001 to be an ongoing partnership with the International High Schools. The methodology of interviews, storytelling, photography, video and radio is embedded in the artistic expression for the new projects. In fall 2022 we will be partnering with The Moth Podcast with their educational storytelling workshops.

In the summer 2022, EarSay ran a video production workshop with 20 students at the International High School at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York directed by filmmaker Tony Koros. Here are some photos of the workshops and one final video above. More to come on our youtube channel.

EarSay Youth Voices History Video

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I am From The Mother of the World

EarSay Youth Voices Music Video’

I Am From The Mother of the World
Performance voiced by Darly Aguste from Haiti and Hend Yehia from Egypt. Poetry workshop with teachers Sarah Gil and Amy Rothman with guest teaching artist Catherine Hanna. Video and Photography by Robert Winn. Audio produced by Touré “Southpaw” Harris and Judith Sloan.

Peace In the Streets Video

Video of performance with EarSay Youth Voices:

EarSay Youth Project- Peace In the Streets March Performance-HD from EarSay Inc on Vimeo.

Song by Adrienne Cooper translated by the group.

Khasidic song (Yiddish) adapted by Adrienne Cooper with English verse by Sarah Gordon.
This is a work-in-progress video of rehearsal and live performance. We are working toward making a fuller music video with multiple translations of the song, visual elements will include the text in multiple languages.
Adapted for EarSay youth by Judith Sloan and Marsha Gildin
Music Direction Judith Sloan
Performance from LaGuardia Performing Arts Center for the International High School
Musicians Miwi La Lupa bass , Deep Singh percussion, Josh Henderson viola.
Singers Marsha Gildin and Caridad De La Luz (La Bruja)
Movement performers: Aby Fall, Mei Dan Li, Rachel Liu, Elizaveta Liutova, Kai Liu, Nancy Monahan
Assistant Movement Choreographers: Genevieve Beaudoin and Nancy Monahan
Video edited by Danny Kim

EarSay Youth PSA Going Back to School in Person

This video was created with immigrant youth from Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Algeria at the International High School at LaGuardia Community College as part of EarSay’s arts-in-education programming with teaching artists Emily Wexler and Judith Sloan. All of our theater, songwriting, and poetry workshops went online during during the Covid19 Pandemic year we created music videos and public service announcements in remote workshops. We look forward to seeing each other in person in the Fall of 2021 but we also learned a lot in our remote world and want to take the best practices from what we learned when we meet in person. Please add your comments and ideas in the comment section. To donate to EarSay’s Youth Program go to: EarSay Youth Program is supported in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs The International High School and Liberty Partnership.

Remote Learning, Video from Pandemic Semesters

So Far
In the Spring 2020 as the Covid19 Pandemic hit New York City, we moved our workshops online. It was quite a challenge. Young people had varying access to internet. We created a song written by Leanny Cabrera, with musical track by Emily Wexler, drawings by Wongthip Barua and Novania Angelica. Additional images from the web. Produced by Emily Wexler and Judith Sloan.

Sharing Camera in Remote Learning

International High School students at IHS at LaGuardia Community College create PSA about sharing cameras for virtual classes and workshops. This video was made by students from Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Algeria International High School at LaGuardia Community College in EarSay’s Arts-in-Education workshops featuring Wongthip Barua, Nerea Boada, Ushmi Khandakar , Amal Mohamdioua,, Dominica Naranjo with teaching artists Emily Wexler and Judith Sloan

Remote Learning was supported by Network of Ensemble Theaters. New York State Council on the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the International High School and Liberty Partnership.

Listen to Me

In the Fall of 2016, a group of NYU students collaborated with Immigrant Youth in EarSay’s partnership with the International High School at LaGuardia Community College.
We translated a simple song into multiple languages adding verses as the months went along.
Produced by Judith Sloan. Photograph by Joannie Troast. Listen To Me was developed out of the workshops with Judith Sloan, Emily Wexler, written by Cheryle Chong and Judith Sloan and sung and arranged by the group. Cheryle Chong, Chloe Troast, Salome Egas and Clay Fejes.


Peace In the Streets

EarSay Youth Voices Peace in the Streets