The word “Dayenu” means approximately, “it would have been enough for us” or “it would have sufficed.” At Passover, Jewish families the world over gather together to recount the epic story of how the Jewish exodus from Egypt. The Passover seder is a special event steeped in symbolism … The assembled group reads from a “haggadah” (ha-GAH-dah) retelling the story of Exodus. Certain symbolic foods are eaten. These traditions go back thousands of years. I looked through the haggadah her father left her and sings the song “dayenu” (die-EH-new) … Which translated means approximately “it would have been enough”. I consider that word…thinking about hardship, war and torture and whether we’ve had “enough.” I was thinking about food and water and natural resources and wondering if we’ll ever have “enough.” You can comment on the vimeo link to add your own ideas of what is enough.