EarSay Radio Documentaries have aired on public radio stations nationwide, including Crossing the BLVD radio documentaries: Labib’s Café, about an Egyptian café that was attacked after 9/11; Tongues Twisting produced by Judith Sloan for The Third Coast International Audio Festival (also aired on NPR’s All Things Considered). Clapping games and tongue twisters in multiple languages help unravel life stories when Judith Sloan records young immigrants in a theatre workshop. Among other things, the kids reveal the game of adapting to life in America. A Tattle Tale: Eyewitness in Mississippi: A radio docudrama based on a play conceived and written by Warren Lehrer and Judith Sloan. Performed by Judith Sloan. Documentary produced by Laura Sydell and Judith Sloan. Music by John Zorn. The story of a teenage runaway, turned deputy sheriff, turned whistleblower, bears witness to coming of age in the face of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Inspired by the true story of Andrea Gibbs, who in 1989, sworn to uphold the law, blew the whistle on her superior officers for the brutal treatment of juvenile offenders in detention centers and prisons in Mississippi. Radio Documentary Produced for Horizons, National Public Radio, 1997.

EarSay Documentaries Audio CD Produced by Judith Sloan with Warren Lehrer
EarSay 2009

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