Dayenu – Judith Sloan/Frank London-Winner Missouri Review National Audio Competition
Created for public radio broadcast and live performance. Dayenu is a poetic narrative that intimately looks at the Jewish holiday of Passover. In questioning the meaning of Dayenu, producer, writer Judith Sloan asks when we will have had enough torture, war, fear, hatred and what it means to look at the ideas of slavery in our contemporary lives, and to question the futility of ongoing war and enemy states. The music and voice interweave and echo each other. In collaborating with Frank London, we created the music to wrap around the words, trumpet highlights questions, inner thoughts, and ideas. Written, edited, produced, arranged and performed by Judith Sloan. Music by Frank London and Judith Sloan. Photo of Sloan’s Haggadah by Warren Lehrer.

Dayenu won First Place in the Missouri Review National Audio Competition, May 2009.