What’s Your Status
A YO MISS! story. Judith Sloan lives in the most diverse county in the United States, Queens, New York, the new “Ellis Island”. Queens is home to the largest mix of refugees and immigrants, a borough where people speak over 162 different languages,. As an American-born citizen, and grandchild of immigrants who fled war to seek a better life, Judith teaches and mentors college and high school students. Among her many students are young people who are undocumented immigrants. What’s Your Status is a testimony and witnessing of how the culture of fear, shifts in immigration law, and big-bureaucracy impacts her students, fellow professors and teachers, and neighbors.

First Runner Up, Missouri Review National Audio Competition 2009.


Written, Edited and Produced by Judith Sloan
All Vocals Performed and Arranged by Judith Sloan
Music composed, produced, and performed by Taylor Rivelli.
Includes drum samples by Frank London.
Melody inspired by Frank London tune. Mixed by Ryan West